Sqeal (for gentle chewers)

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The Sqeal is 9" long and is made for dogs that like normal-sized toys. Great for both small and large dogs.

Motion-activated means it's easier to squeak. Small dogs and gentle chewers have no trouble getting lots of squeaks. Tossing, shaking, dropping--sometimes just holding the toy--is enough to get it to squeak. 

Our squeak sounds are based on testing what dogs like. We could program any sounds in the world, so we found just the right ones. They are more interesting than one of those ugly honking squeakers. Dogs love it!

Quieter and safer for your dog's ears. Imagine 100 decibels right next to your head. Not fun! We keep our toy quiet because we know your dog will want to have it all the time.

Customer Reviews

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Great for gentle chewers

The small one was for Our beagle! He loves it and doesn’t really chew it! My problem is keeping my standard poodle from stealing it from him she destroyed the round rubber one and the large squeal before we could open all our presents 😢.
She had a blast! I think the plastic one could be made stronger like a “Kong”. We loved that it did not have a loud squeak!

Dog mom

My dog loves this toy. I did stitch the opening together because he started chewing it. The quiet sounds are great, he really reacts to them

strong and quiet

arrived on time and in good shape. squeaky is barely audible to my old ears but my old girl seems to like it ok

Loved it before it was out of the bag

Somehow the battery shield had been pulled off on one Squeals (that doesn't squeak as loudly) and Mookie was all over it before I pulled it out of the bag. It's important that I not bump into it while walking through the house because it mean's he'll grab it, shake, toss, ask me to. play tug, toss, shake, repeat. Squeal is great

My dog and I both love this toy!

I have a standard poodle with a "soft" mouth - he's been bred not to destroy the game he helps to hunt. So, he was never able to make other toys squeak - he didn't want to bite down that hard! But he has no problem making his Sqeal make noise.
And I love it because the noise it makes is so quiet compared to other squeaky toys. He could play with it all day and it wouldn't bother me, but he can clearly hear the sounds, as you can tell from his head tilts.
It's a win win!