GroovyToob (for medium chewers)

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Motion-activated means it's easier to squeak. Small dogs and gentle chewers have no trouble getting lots of squeaks. Tossing, shaking, dropping--sometimes just holding the toy--is enough to get it to squeak. 

Our squeak sounds are based on testing what dogs like. We could program any sounds in the world, so we found just the right ones. They are more interesting than one of those ugly honking squeakers. Dogs love it!

Quieter and safer for your dog's ears. Imagine 100 decibels right next to your head. Not fun! We keep our toy quiet because we know your dog will want to have it all the time.

Treat Cavity is great for peanut butter, cream cheese, or other spreadable dog treats!

Natural Rubber makes the GroovyToob tough and safe. 

Customer Reviews

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Adam Marks
Cooper loves it!

Great toy for teething, fetching etc… def recommend!

Lois Wright

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)

Penny McElroy
She loves it!

My 10 month old GSD is in love with her groovy toob! She a manic chewer and loves squeak toys, but my ears and nerves can't stand them. This Toob is completely different; I can't hear a thing, but she does the classic head tilt when I even move it just a little. It's given her hours of play (and me, hours of peace)

Connor Turner

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)

Abbey Buschke
We both love this toy

I bought this for my 11 month old 20lbs terrier. This toy is about twice the cost of what I typically buy for my pup but it was worth every penny. I am pleased with the sturdiness of the toy but I only give him the toy when I am home with him. He loves to roll the tube around the house entertaining himself while I cook and clean. We also play fetch together with it. I can hear the sounds but they are fairly quiet and easy to tune out. If they made a variety of shapes for medium chewers I would buy more.