Squeaker Toys Are Dangerous

Dog listening to something.

Dog toys are a common exposure to harmful noise. Most pups can hear noises that are 4 times further away than us. That means if you can hear a squeaker toy from another room, your dog can hear it from another house.

So why in the heck are some toys so absurdly loud?

It's because dogs aren't as worried about their hearing health as they are about how fun and exciting the sound is. And dog toy manufactures can make a toy more exciting by making them louder. 

The 'Toyture' Test

Not all squeaker toys are unsafe. It depends on how loud the toy is, specifically, toys that make noise greater than 110 decibels are damaging to dogs. Here’s a quick test you can do to determine if your dog’s toys are safe or not:

  1. Take a squeaker toy and place it directly in front of your face.
  2. Squeeze it hard a few time, simulating how your dog bites the toy repetitively.
  3. Is the sound uncomfortable to your ears? If yes, then it's too loud for your dog.

Super Ruff Dog Toys Are Quieter, Safer, and More Interesting

If your dog loves squeaker toys and you don’t want damage their sensitive hearing, then check out our toys with real animal sounds! They make quiet but super interesting squeaks from real squirrels, mice, and other rodents.


Be Mindful of Your Dog’s Sensitive and Vital Hearing

Dogs aren't mindful of the longevity of their hearing heath, neither are cheap toy manufactures. Typical cheap squeakers make a simple mechanical noise. They can only be made louder to make them more interesting. That means you have dog toy manufactures competing for who can make a louder toy, which further harms our pups’ hearing. This is why dogs have us humans as companions. It’s our job to help dogs navigate our dangerous world safely. So please be mindful what squeaker toys you give your pup.