Watch Dogs React

This is Penny. Does Penny like the toy? 

It sure seems so. Usually she wins against the toy, but check out that fall. 🤣 You can't win them all. She seems to love that it squeaks when she shakes it. 


This is Howie. He was scared of the toy at first because it's different than his other toys. But did he over come his fear?--yes he did, cause he is a brave boy.

Customer's dog chewing on Sqeal dog toy.

He sure wants it back after his friend took it. "Oh my heck, mom! Why doesn't you got two?" 



This is Roxy. Her first toy broke, but we got her a new one. She looks pretty happy.  


Does Roux like his new toy? 

Looks like he does. Check out how he is pushing it. Normal toys don't squeak when you push them, but this one does! 


Does Shandy like the toy?

I don't know. But she's sure acting goofy.

Check out how gentle she is being in this one. And how she uses her paws. 


Hank liked the toy at first, but watch out! There are thieves afoot! 


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