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A Totally New Kind Of Dog Toy

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Introducing the ChonkyToob™

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Gif image showing mechanism of Sqeal dog toy. Captions: motion sensor, battery, speaker

Our toys are motion-activated

They respond to all types of motion. Boops, bops, nudges, and drops. A new play experience for your pup.

Toy features:

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5x more squeaks

Easier to squeak and more fun. Tossing, shaking, dropping—even just wags and wiggles—get a squeak!

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Interesting squeaks

Our Squeakersonic™ sounds are based on testing what dogs like. Our sounds are more interesting than traditional squeakers because they use real animal sounds!

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Tough Stuff

✔️ Unpuncturable squeaker

✔️ Tough Natural Rubber

More features:

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Holds attention

When a dog gets tired of a typical toy the fun is over. But when they drop the Sqeal, it sasses back and the play starts again.

3 rodents icon image.

9 animal sounds

Multiple rodent sounds stimulate your dog's instincts.

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Natural animal sounds are quiet. Our toys are safer for sensitive dog hearing, and less annoying to humans.

Collage of dogs with Super Ruff dog toys.

Dogs Love Our Toys

See pups react to meeting the GroovyToob and Sqeal! (Spoiler alert: it's adorable)

Watch Dogs React

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