**Do not use this link unless you have a valid wholesale account with appropriate discounts. Regular consumers will receive a worse price using this link. 


If you already have a wholesale account:

You can start your order on the wholesale GroovyToob listing here: https://www.superruff.com/products/groovytoob-wholesale. Be sure to enter the correct discount before completing your order. 

If you are a qualified reseller and would like a wholesale account: 

  • Email us at contact@superruff.com and tell us about yourself! 
  • MOQs are currently 10 units and 50 units 
  • MSRP is substantially lower for brick and mortal stores

If you are planning your order: 

We recommend larger orders to get better shipping costs. Shipping costs range from $0.37 to $1.55 per unit depending on order size. For example: 

  • Shipping for 10 units is $15.50 or $1.55 per unit
  • Shipping for 20 units is $15.50 or $0.78 per unit (the same total cost but half the cost per unit)
  • Shipping for 200 units is $97.00 or $0.49 per unit

If you need help troubleshooting your wholesale order:

  • Make sure you are using this product listing: https://www.superruff.com/products/groovytoob-wholesale and not the retail product listing
  • Make sure you have a sufficient Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to use an associated discount. 
  • Send us an email at: contact@superruff.com