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Cool toy!

The noises this toy makes are very realistic. My dog was convinced a squirrel was hiding inside the toy. That has kept him interested and occupied for great lengths of time:)

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)

Cool toy that our dog loves

Our six month old Lakeland Terrier is very intrigued by the sounds and loves the texture of the GroovyToob.


My dog Spirit (Labrador) absolutely loves this toy. She is a destroyer of toys. Not this one though. She now sleeps with it. The little animal noises have our cats on alert 😊

It really is quiet!

It took a few days for my dog to make it his choice of toys he grabs. I don’t think he was quite sure of what to make of it, but now he really likes it

Favorite toy

Our dogs love this toy.


Our dog loves the sound the tube makes, and we love that it is so quiet. The tubes are pretty hearty- I am not worried about her being able to chew it up.

It's a winner!

My little 10-pound terrier mix is really enjoying her GroovyToob. The critter sounds really intrigue her and she seems to enjoy the mouth feel of the rubbery texture. Even though it's a bit heavy, she still manages to jump up on the sofa with it (yes, we do let her on the furniture).

Great for gentle chewers

The small one was for Our beagle! He loves it and doesn’t really chew it! My problem is keeping my standard poodle from stealing it from him she destroyed the round rubber one and the large squeal before we could open all our presents 😢.
She had a blast! I think the plastic one could be made stronger like a “Kong”. We loved that it did not have a loud squeak!

My pup is a super chewer and so far he loves this toy and hasn’t destroyed it

Fun Interactive Toy

Our French Bulldog is obsessed with squirrels. This toy is a great diversion!

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)

It's lasted!

And he loves it... Maybe a little heavy and hard for those in air catches but definitely no ear piercing squeaks...

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)

Amazing toy!

I have a 5yr old shih tzu whose greatest joy in life is squeaker toys. She squeaks them until they wear out. That being said, no other squeaky toy has gotten her as excited or occupied her for as long as these Super Ruff toys have. She prefers the Seal, but I’m sure the groovy tube would be great for a larger dog. Highly recommend!

Big bite

Buddy loves hi tub. But I have to say he has already got a good size pice bit off one side.

Dog mom

My dog loves this toy. I did stitch the opening together because he started chewing it. The quiet sounds are great, he really reacts to them

Two paws up from the active chewer in the canine family

Dog Mom

Great product, easy transaction, and best of all, my doggy loves it!

Great Toys!!

My 2 huskies loves these toys. They haven't destroyed them yet! They make noises that I can barely hear but they can hear clearly and it peaks their curiosity. These toys are among their favorites!

strong and quiet

arrived on time and in good shape. squeaky is barely audible to my old ears but my old girl seems to like it ok

My dog loves it

I received 3 products that I ordered from you and my dog was so very excited, I could hardly get the tag off the item before she wanted to steal the toy from my hand. I love how soft the sounds are and she hasn't left that toy all day long. She chews on it for a bit and when it makes a noise she stops, drops it and cocks her head to the side trying to figure out what that noise was. Very entertaining! Thank you!

Loved it before it was out of the bag

Somehow the battery shield had been pulled off on one Squeals (that doesn't squeak as loudly) and Mookie was all over it before I pulled it out of the bag. It's important that I not bump into it while walking through the house because it mean's he'll grab it, shake, toss, ask me to. play tug, toss, shake, repeat. Squeal is great

Got Ralph’s attention

I purchased this for my son’s corgi. Ralph is tough on toys and not too interested except for sticks and balls. But he loved this toy as soon as he got it and loves it whenever he can have it.

Appreciate the design and idea but dog isn’t interested

My pup is a 65+ lab/hound mix who loves play and fetch.

— Product itself seems well-made
— Definitely quiet
— Noises do sound like lil rodents in the distance
— Very bouncy
— I appreciate the idea
— Probably enticing for many dogs

The CONs:
— My dog nudged it and ignored it
— When trying to engage my pup with play, he didn’t care for this toy at all
— Unfortunately, you can’t return the product unless it’s defective, so you’ll be stuck donating it to another pup