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A big hit!

Short review: 4 dogs, of all ages and sizes but low-medium chewers - very enjoyed and strongly recommended. Would be cautious with an enthusiastic/indiscriminate chewer. Very quiet for humans, dogs can clearly hear it.

Long review:
We are a four dog household. Our youngest dog is 9 months old (70 lb Farm Collie) and our oldest is 16 years (8 lb chihuahua). Also in residence, a 13 year old Schipperke and a 6 year old Rat Terrier. All the dogs are very curious about this toy, but it is a huge favorite of the Rat Terrier and Collie. I am so glad we got it (we got one of each of the toys). Our boys chew antlers like crazy but will play nice with stuffed toys. They also have other rubber toys that they chew on, but aren't bent on their destruction by any means. This toy has been in play for a few weeks now and has teeth marks from being chomped down on. There are no signs of tearing/serious wear. The dogs will play keep away with each other, but mostly they play with the toy solo- batting it around, mouthing it and giving it a shake and a toss. If I saw one of them settling in just to chew on it, I would take it and replace it with a true chew toy. If the 70 lb puppy had a mind to wreck the toy, I think he could - but he is a true medium-light chewer.

For me, the best thing about this toy, was seeing my old man Schipperke come over to have some fun with the toy. He used to be a real varmint hunter in his day and hearing the toy perked him right up. He doesn't play with it too often, but when he has the energy it really captures his joyful attention and it is like seeing him in his youth again. This has given me some really unexpected but very treasured moments with my senior buddy.

My husband has hearing loss from military service and cannot hear all the sounds that the toy makes. I can hear them, but they are easy to tune out. All 4 of the dogs can clearly hear the toy, which again, I was surprised since I think the 13 and 16 year old are losing their hearing.

I am very happy with this toy and have recommended the brand to some other friends. As we are all on zoom meetings, the quiet squeaker that still entertains dogs has been a great compromise.

My girl loves it! It doesn’t hold up to her chewing, but I knew it wouldn’t. I’m trying to get her more interested in the tube. She won’t put the squeal down lol

They LOVE them!

I have never seen my pups this excited to play with a toy. I also love the fact that I don't hear the annoying squeaking. Would love to see the toy in ball format and something a little smaller for smaller dogs that like to chew. Totally awesome and so happy I found them. Can't wait to see what new toys you come up with.

Pup loved

My older doberman ignored it and I gave it to my nieces 2 young goldendoodles who adore it

Big Sqeal

Puppy loves her big sqeal!!

Great toy

Our new rescue pup was destroying all her toys but this one keeps her busy and engaged for ages. The first time I gave it to her was in the car to keep her busy and she played with it for over an hour. We play fetch with it indoors to keep her active on cold winter days.


This was my first time to order from Super Ruff, so I didn't really know what to expect. When the Sqeal arrived, Sadie (our dog) went crazy! SHE could hear the sounds, but my husband couldn't. I can hear SOME of them, but who cares! She loves this thing. She calls it her "shark" although it's a seal. She takes it to her private office (spare bedroom) for "just the 2 of us" time. Thanks, Super Ruff!!

My puppy tumbler

My dog loves this. I may have to get a 2nd one for my other dog.

Great toy.

My 2 dogs love them!

Our Havanese loves it!

Entertained for an hour or two at a time. This toy has held up surprisingly well to our little chewer. Normally he'd have mangled it by now! We'd absolutely recommend it!

Groovytoob is great!!

My two Border Collies love the Groovytoobs! They have not destroyed them after one week of heavy play and chewing!! Love this product!

Basil LOVES it!

Basil goes crazy over his Groovy Toob. He's already a retrieve and toss loving dog. He'll fetch and bring the Groovy Toob back to us till he's so tired he's about to drop from exhaustion. This is his new FAVORITE TOY. I bought THREE just in case anything happens to this one so he doesn't have to be without it.

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)
Peggie Sullenberger
Great toy

My pup loves this toy and carries it everywhere. Very happy with purchase.


Both dogs love this fun toy. They are absolutely sure something lives inside and gleefully attack the squeaky, chirpy sounds!

Finicky and Easily Bored Akita gives 👍👍

The groovy toob doesn't have that strong rubber smell that some rubber chew toys have, so my dog did not turn his nose up at it. It keeps him entertained and the noises keep him engaged while not disturbing everyone else in our small living space. I do keep an eye on him to make sure that he doesnt gnaw on it with his back teeth (like the warning email that came after purchase) , that's how he decontructs his toys.

My dog loves it!

It definitely makes sounds that are intriguing to my Schipperke. He plays with it much more than any normal toy.

I can hear the sounds, but they are very quiet to me.

Groovy Tooby

My dog really liked it but I think the sound is not loud enough for him so he got bored too easy.

Astounded at how much they love it

Great quality! Perfect size. I have a 9 month old English bull dog and a 14 month old Pitbull. They are heavy chewers. I bought 2. It is impossible to find toys that they don’t get bored of in a few minutes. They love this thing. The science behind the sounds totally works. I engage it when they are outside and they come running. They go for this tube more than any other toy. I gave it to them a day ago so I am interested to see how long it lasts. But so far it is a hit!

It's Awesome!

Our dog can destroy ANY toy. Her goal in life is to remove any squeaker from any toy. But the Groovy Toon fascinates her and we are thankful for the barely audible sounds. Supervised, she will play with it for 1/2 hour and then we take it away, not pushing our luck. This is a great toy and interests our dog. The followup emails are helpful in teaching owners too. Highly recommend this toy!

This is the *third* one I've bought! (So far ...)

Our dog loved it at first bounce. Then we dogsat, and the golden retriever loved it. So we sent her home with it. Each time we visit, she dances out to show it to us. Then I ordered a replacement for our guy. He started playing even before we got the packaging off. So when a good friend got a new puppy, we knew what puppy gift to get.
This toy is the most popular one of any in our 30 years of dogs!

Lola’s new toy

Lola absolutely loves the Groovy Toob.

Very Interesting!

We love the concept! Walter pup loves the rubber and the sounds that come out! It's SO interactive that we have to take it away after about ten minutes, though, because it makes our dog anxious after awhile. He absolutely loves it every time we pull it out, though! I'd be interested in one that you can "turn off" if need be. The volume level and the sounds it makes are really cool and peaceful to all of us, though! Would definitely buy again.

So far so good

My Scottish Terrier usually de squeaks a toy very quickly. It is still working.

For the dog who has everything!

Buy this. Its not your average rubber toy, it's better! Seems to be durable and my dog, who isn't typically fond of rubber toys, loves it! He's gone back to it in his toy box multiple times, so it's a hit. I think the unique sounds it makes have a lot to do with that. It's fun without being annoying like a lot of "squeaky" toys are. My cat came running when she heard it! My only suggestion would be to make a longer version for 100+ lb. dogs like mine.

Adorable and engaging toy

My dogs love the softer Squeal toy—however they are as advertised for “gentle chewers”. My border collie loved the toy but destroyed it in a matter of days with her enthusiasm for it. I also ordered the more durable toy which she also loves and it is holding up very well.