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Endlessly entertaining

The first one we bought was destroyed in a mere 35 minutes by Boomer, who can polish off the most indestructible toys made. But our puppy is not as determined and he loves the thing. And we love it because he does and we can carry on a conversation while he plays.

My girl loves it! It doesn’t hold up to her chewing, but I knew it wouldn’t. I’m trying to get her more interested in the tube. She won’t put the squeal down lol

They LOVE them!

I have never seen my pups this excited to play with a toy. I also love the fact that I don't hear the annoying squeaking. Would love to see the toy in ball format and something a little smaller for smaller dogs that like to chew. Totally awesome and so happy I found them. Can't wait to see what new toys you come up with.

Old dogs can still have fun

Hemi is a 9yr old rescue we’ve had for 8yrs. He came from a terrible situation and never plays with toys much til now. He loves his GroovyToob

Adorable and engaging toy

My dogs love the softer Squeal toy—however they are as advertised for “gentle chewers”. My border collie loved the toy but destroyed it in a matter of days with her enthusiasm for it. I also ordered the more durable toy which she also loves and it is holding up very well.

It's a winner!

My little 10-pound terrier mix is really enjoying her GroovyToob. The critter sounds really intrigue her and she seems to enjoy the mouth feel of the rubbery texture. Even though it's a bit heavy, she still manages to jump up on the sofa with it (yes, we do let her on the furniture).

Quiet but mighty

My dog loves hers. It makes this weird little squeak that she can’t resist. And it’s quiet so you can talk on the phone and stuff without taking the toy away.

Non-Stop Entertainment

We purchased the Super Ruff Groovy Tube based on some Instagram ads we saw. It's been awesome for our Great Dane mix Hank. He's a strong chewer but only super destructive with plush toys. This tube allows him to interact by chewing, hearing the cool sounds, and rolling it around. We haven't tried adding any treats inside yet, but we will soon! Highly recommend!!

My 3 dogs were absolutely not interested in this at all. I was disappointed.

Out 1.5 year old pitbull mix LOVEs this toy. It’s the perfect size and all the different sounds get him so excited!

Works exactly as advertised!

Awesome toy, quiet squeaks, nice and tough and keeps my Boxer thoroughly engaged!

My dog loves them!

I was so skeptical but the little teal round tube with the little chirping - she just loves it!

Not his favorite toy

Great overall!

I love this thicker tougher version. My 6 year old dog can still cut through it if she has it long enough so I just monitor her and give it to her in smaller chunks of time. But I really love the more quiet toy, makes the house much more peaceful. Both dogs really love them and I am so happy to have found these!

Dogs love it

Will need to buy more. My dogs love it and don’t want to share!

Awesome so far

We've only had it a week, but so far my Doberman loves it. His toys are usually destroyed fairly quickly, but this one has held up and the noises keep him occupied and engaged.

My dogs LOVE this toy

I originally bought a few of the GroovyToobs for my yellow Lab and Belgium Malinois. They were a huge hit, but my Malinois destroyed the toys after a few days. The GroovyToob would have held up fine if it was just my Lab. When I heard a new toy was coming out for strong chewers, I was so excited. The ChonkyToob has held up so well with my Malinois. It’s been a few weeks now and the ChonkyToobs are still in one piece. The dogs love playing with the toys and the noise from the toys don’t interrupt my work calls which is wonderful. These are definitely one of their favorite toys. Thank you Super Ruff!

I love the innovation!!

This is such a cool toy and my dog (who has a very high prey drive) went absolutely bananas over it! Sadly, it lasted less than an hour so I hope you come out with a tougher model in the future!

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)
Midnite Kimberly Townsend
Our pup loves it!

Great toy that keeps our pup entertained and is nice to use when we're trying to watch TV or on a call. Hoping the Seal comes back in stock soon!

Great toy

We just got our toy and my pup has not stopped playing and rolling it. She loves it. Great purchase

This is a really tough chew toy - I just wish my dog would chew it!

She's a wild samoyed who loves chew toys, but the animal sounds freak her out. She thinks something is really alive inside, so she rolls it, licks it, peeks in the holes, but rarely chews it. Very unexpected, I've never seen her react to a toy like this! That being said, it's so durable and the sounds are so good that I'm still happy with it. Just hoping my Cloud will learn to use it as intended.

Cons: the battery compartment is exposed in one of the openings, I wish it were covered with a layer of rubber. It isn't the easiest to clean, especially on the insides. And I especially don't love the price. It's an extremely smart and novel idea for a dog toy. But the design could be better, and I think that the high price makes it risky, since different dogs will likely have a wide range of reactions to it.

I can recommend it based on the execution/build quality - but be prepared for an unexpected reaction from your dog!

Favorite toy

Plays with it all day. Sleeps with it at night. Will be ordering another!

Whomever designed this hit the mark of what pleases dogs!
We bought a Toob for Christmas for our Boxer and he was so happy he was talking to it!
Lots of little happy sounds come from him whenever he grabs it. The subtle little animal and bird noises must really appeal to his ears and the design of the Toob itself seems to be quite satisfying for gnawing and exercising his jaw and teeth.
I'll definitely being letting all my dog owner friends about this and we plan to make a Tik Tok of his Toob play time.
Hands down best toy ever!
We will purchase a back up for his travel bag or the case of missing Toob under the couch.
Thank you for creating such a quality toy!

Asher Loves It!

All the interesting sounds it makes just from rolling around or being nudged keep him engaged and he doesn’t lock down to destroy it. We are only 2 days in so fingers crossed it lasts!

Dogs love this toy