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Cooper loves it!

Great toy for teething, fetching etc… def recommend!

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)

She loves it!

My 10 month old GSD is in love with her groovy toob! She a manic chewer and loves squeak toys, but my ears and nerves can't stand them. This Toob is completely different; I can't hear a thing, but she does the classic head tilt when I even move it just a little. It's given her hours of play (and me, hours of peace)

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)

We both love this toy

I bought this for my 11 month old 20lbs terrier. This toy is about twice the cost of what I typically buy for my pup but it was worth every penny. I am pleased with the sturdiness of the toy but I only give him the toy when I am home with him. He loves to roll the tube around the house entertaining himself while I cook and clean. We also play fetch together with it. I can hear the sounds but they are fairly quiet and easy to tune out. If they made a variety of shapes for medium chewers I would buy more.

2 paws up for Groovy Toob

Stella, our 4 month old Bernese Mountain Dog, loved her Groovy Toob right away! She loves chewing it, chasing after it, tossing it, and pouncing on it. Great toy! The little squeaking sound is super subtle but stimulating enough to keep her interested. The material is durable and tough for those sharp puppy teeth, yet soft and soothing for her puppy gums. I would recommend this toy.

Best toy

This toy keeps my super-chewer busy for hours!!

A great, durable toy!

Our corgi's first Super Ruff toy was a Squeal that we bought a few years ago. Unfortunately, the seams came apart recently as his propensity to chew has grown over the years. Enter GroovyToob, which is now his favorite toy. He loves to chew, toss and enjoys the bounce when we toss it around. Another great product from SuperRuff!

Endlessly entertaining

The first one we bought was destroyed in a mere 35 minutes by Boomer, who can polish off the most indestructible toys made. But our puppy is not as determined and he loves the thing. And we love it because he does and we can carry on a conversation while he plays.

Great, durable toy for hyperactive Yorkie

My yorkie has a very strong prey drive and loves the sounds this toy makes. He is 16lbs and makes short work of toys that are meant for small dogs, and I wasn't sure if this one would hold up. But after a couple months of intense play, I haven't seen any signs of damage. Perfect noise level, easy to wipe clean. Great product!

My dog lives it

My dog’s favorite Christmas toy

Boston Terrier that loves to chew

My Boston Terrier aggressively chews any toy I give him. This GroovyToob keeps him engaged but isn’t super easy for him to get to the center. I deducted one star just because he has managed to start to tear apart the rubber so I will probably have to toss it soon. Most dogs don’t chew like he does though and I think it will work for all other dogs.

Bought two. Both dogs loved it.

Very popular with my dog

The toy is chew-resistant, which is wonderful. Even more impressively, the noises that it makes seem to be nearly inaudible to people. It's a terrific toy that my dog has not stopped playing with since she got it.

Chew toys

Both my boxer and English Springer spaniel love the chew toys and the noises they make. They are strong chewers and the toys are intact

Happy Dog

Our lab-mix, loves the Super Ruff. We love it because it is quiet, and keeps her happy for a long time.

It’s so cute

My dog love it

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)


The Big Sqeal is great. My 4 1/2mo old BGD loves it. He is teething so it has some staining on it. My only suggestion would be for it to not be white.

Love it

My dog, Ruger, loves this toy! Great buy!


Our dog loves it! Quality product.

GroovyToob (for medium chewers)
Lauren Hunt-VanderPloeg
Dog Seems to Enjoy

My puppy seems to enjoy this toy. I enjoy that it isn’t super loud and obnoxious. It is smaller than what I expected, but still happy with my purchase.

My dogs favorite toy

These seals are my dogs favorite toys. Hes a maniac and spends hours every day chewing and playing. I got the buy 2 get one free promo and he was super happy seeing the breand new ones.

Groovy Tube

Christmas present! Prompt delivery,

The dogs love this and the prop love it because it’s not noisy.