Sqeal (for gentle chewers)

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Sqeal is 11" long. Great for both small and large dogs. 

Motion-activated means it's easier to squeak. Small dogs and gentle chewers have no trouble getting lots of squeaks. Tossing, shaking, dropping--sometimes just holding the toy--is enough to get it to squeak. 

Our squeak sounds are based on testing what dogs like. We could program any sounds in the world, so we found just the right ones. They are more interesting than one of those ugly honking squeakers. Dogs love it!

Quieter and safer for your dog's ears. Imagine 100 decibels right next to your head. Not fun! We keep our toy quiet because we know your dog will want to have it all the time.

Customer Reviews

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The Big Sqeal is great. My 4 1/2mo old BGD loves it. He is teething so it has some staining on it. My only suggestion would be for it to not be white.

Brett R
My dogs favorite toy

These seals are my dogs favorite toys. Hes a maniac and spends hours every day chewing and playing. I got the buy 2 get one free promo and he was super happy seeing the breand new ones.

Wasn’t sure at first but now she loves it!

My pup is just over a year old and can tear apart almost any toy within minutes!
When this toy first arrived she was very unsure and even seemed to be a little scared of it (to be fair she’s kind of a chicken lol).
It took a couple of days to get her used to the sounds but now I can’t pry it away from her. The best part is, I can only hear a faint sound occasionally and she hasn’t torn it apart yet. Which is very impressive.

We love this toy!

New favorite toy!

My Shep/Pit mix LOVES it! I can hear it but it's very quiet! Awesome toy!

Marie Kane
Big Sqeal

love it!