ChonkyToob (for strong chewers)

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Motion-activated means it's easier to squeak. Small dogs and gentle chewers have no trouble getting lots of squeaks. Tossing, shaking, dropping--sometimes just holding the toy--is enough to get it to squeak. 

Our squeak sounds are based on testing what dogs like. We could program any sounds in the world, so we found just the right ones. They are more interesting than one of those ugly honking squeakers. Dogs love it!

Quieter and safer for your dog's ears. Imagine 100 decibels right next to your head. Not fun! We keep our toy quiet because we know your dog will want to have it all the time.

Treat Cavity is great for peanut butter, cream cheese, or other spreadable dog treats!

Natural Rubber makes the ChonkyToob tough and safe. 

Customer Reviews

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Kari Blackledge
Works exactly as advertised!

Awesome toy, quiet squeaks, nice and tough and keeps my Boxer thoroughly engaged!


Not his favorite toy

Great overall!

I love this thicker tougher version. My 6 year old dog can still cut through it if she has it long enough so I just monitor her and give it to her in smaller chunks of time. But I really love the more quiet toy, makes the house much more peaceful. Both dogs really love them and I am so happy to have found these!

Devon lewis
Dogs love it

Will need to buy more. My dogs love it and don’t want to share!

Melissa Myrick
Awesome so far

We've only had it a week, but so far my Doberman loves it. His toys are usually destroyed fairly quickly, but this one has held up and the noises keep him occupied and engaged.