Sqeal (for gentle chewers)

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Sqeal is great for both small and large dogs. 

Motion-activated means it's easier to squeak. Small dogs and gentle chewers have no trouble getting lots of squeaks. Tossing, shaking, dropping--sometimes just holding the toy--is enough to get it to squeak. 

Our squeak sounds are based on testing what dogs like. We could program any sounds in the world, so we found just the right ones. They are more interesting than one of those ugly honking squeakers. Dogs love it!

Quieter and safer for your dog's ears. Imagine 100 decibels right next to your head. Not fun! We keep our toy quiet because we know your dog will want to have it all the time.

Customer Reviews

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Cheryl Burness

My girl loves it! It doesn’t hold up to her chewing, but I knew it wouldn’t. I’m trying to get her more interested in the tube. She won’t put the squeal down lol

Michele Coppola
Adorable and engaging toy

My dogs love the softer Squeal toy—however they are as advertised for “gentle chewers”. My border collie loved the toy but destroyed it in a matter of days with her enthusiasm for it. I also ordered the more durable toy which she also loves and it is holding up very well.

Melani W
Quiet but mighty

My dog loves hers. It makes this weird little squeak that she can’t resist. And it’s quiet so you can talk on the phone and stuff without taking the toy away.

John Dretzel
Tougher than I thought

I consider Sophie to be a decent chewer but apparently she is not nearly as bad as I thought. I only saw her really try to dig in once but for the most part she plays with it periodically and is possessive of it. She is a mine kind of girl. As a toy I give it a 10 and it has proven to be a tough toy.

Stephanie Swift
My dog loves them!

I was so skeptical but the little teal round tube with the little chirping - she just loves it!