Make it last

Check out how this dog is chewing on this bone. And how this cat is chewing on this dog. 

Gif image of a dog gnawing on a bone.

There are many kinds of play, and they are all just as fun. So here are our tips about better chewing. 

Destructive chewing has three things: 

  1. Gnawing 
  2. with the back teeth
  3. on a small part of the toy. 


This is Tessi. 


Dog holding a Sqeal dog toy.

She loves the Sqeal, but she it a super chewer. So we had to watch her. 

This type of chewing is fine: 

Gif image of a dog biting a sqeal dog toy with his front teethe.

She's using her front teeth. She couldn't do any damage to the toy this way. 


This type of chewing is fine too: 

Dog biting Sqeal dog toy with full mouth.

Because she is nom'ing on a large part of the toy. She couldn't do any damage to the toy this way either. 


This type of chewing is BAD. 😱🙅‍♂️🙅👹✋❌

Gif image of a dog gnawing on a Sqeal dog toy.

Notice how she is barely moving her head and jaw. This means she is grinding one isolated part with her molars. It doesn't look like much, but it is way more destructive. 

Her molars are at the back of her jaw, so they have way more power. It's kind of like a nut cracker. 

Image demonstrating jaw strength.

A jaw is the same way. 

Image demonstrating jaw strength of dogs.


This type of chewing can get through pretty much anything, even rope toys and small bones. 

Big bones and antlers are just about the only things that can hold up against this type of chewing. (And these are so strong, that they might harm your dog's teeth) 

So, this is what you do.

Just take it away. You can give it back after a few minutes. 

Gif image of sad dog.

If you give them another toy, they'll miss the Sqeal. 

Gif image of sad dog.


But stay strong! It's for their own good. 

Make a habit of this for the first week, and you should be fine after that! 

Ballistic nylon is one of the toughest fabrics out there. But dogs can gnaw through bone. And even ballistic nylon isn't as tough as that. 

Whether you're buying our toy or another toy, pay close attention when they first meet it--in case they love it too much to let it live. 😅 You will be doing them a favor.